A modest launch…

This blog will never be a forum for product advertising. That would be underestimating you as a reader. But this week is unique because we have started our sneak launch of Good Idea in some south Swedish stores, and I am just so curious about how it will be received. Maybe you can help calm my curiosity.

I started this blog to share thoughts, insights, and knowledge about eating and drinking to feel good and stay healthy in both the short and long term. In this way, I hope to help more people discover what a difference even small changes in everyday life can make. At the same time, we all know how difficult these small changes can be. I have been thinking about a lot, both as a researcher and in my current role, how we can make good choices more manageable, attractive, and sustainable. One answer to the question is that it can be about integrating health into food and drinks already accepted by large groups of people. That way, the change in behavior does not have to be so demanding, and it becomes a little easier to live a healthy life. I think that Good Idea – the blood sugar balancing table water that I have been involved in developing – is an excellent example of how it can work. Carbonated water is one of our most common mealtime drinks. Good Idea tastes and quenches thirst like ordinary carbonated water. But in addition, its content of amino acids and the mineral chromium also lowers the blood sugar response after a carb-rich meal. That way, it can make the whole meal a little healthier and, at the same time, help you avoid the food fatigue and sugar cravings that often come after the meal.

And now Good Idea is in store. So far, the launch is modest and includes some stores in the region of Skåne. After the turn of the year, we will go all-in and launch throughout Sweden. For us who work with Good Idea, it is, of course, inspiring times, and we would be so happy if you would share your experiences here in the comments field.

What do you think about the taste? Do you feel the difference in blood sugar and energy levels after a meal? Does drinking Good Idea with your food affect your sugar cravings? Of course, you are also welcome to ask your own questions, which I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

At the time of writing, Good Idea can be found on the shelves of ICA Supermarket Linero, ICA Kvantum Malmborg Tuna, and ICA Kvantum Mobilia, all in Lund. More points of sale will be published on the webpage as they join.

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