Good Idea is the sparkling water that helps balance your blood sugar.

Every time you eat, your blood sugar will go up. This is a totally normal and essential part of your body’s mechanism for utilizing the energy from food. But much of what we eat contains so-called fast carbohydrates that will make your blood sugar rise quickly to a high level. When this happens, the body will over-react to push the blood sugar down again almost instantly. Often to a level that is even lower than before your meal. This is when you will feel the classic post-meal slump, typically followed by cravings for something sweet to restore your energy.

A balanced blood sugar will keep you sharp and focused after your meal, and reduced sugar cravings make it easier to withstand those sweet treats. In a longer perspective, a more balanced blood sugar is a significant investment in good health.


Good Idea is a mildly and naturally flavored sparkling water that contains a patented blend of amino acids and the mineral chromium. The five amino acids and the chromium are so-called essentials. This means that they are necessary for your metabolism and that you need to get them through your food since the body cannot produce them by itself. 

When you drink Good Idea before and with your meal, it will help your body take care of the carbohydrates in your food in a more efficient way. The amino acids will prime your body for the food that is coming. At the same time, the chromium increases your sensitivity to insulin*, meaning that less is needed to push the energy from your food into the cells. The result is a balanced blood sugar through a lower and slower blood sugar rise after eating. This effect is clinically proven in independent studies with healthy people.

*Insulin is a hormone that transports energy, in the form of glucose, into the cells where it is used as fuel. There is a proven connection between elevated insulin levels and e.g., obesity.


In the US, where Good Idea was launched already in 2017, many people enjoy it” just” to quench their thirst. But Good Idea’s natural position is on the dining table. Simply because it has its unique function when served with food. That is helping the body take care of the carbohydrates from food more efficiently. It has its best effect when you take a few sips a few minutes before, and the rest with your meal. And of course, food pairing was on our minds when we developed the mild and fresh taste that pairs perfectly with everything from pizza and pasta to salads, sushi, burgers, or whatever is your favorite food.


This is the Swedish website – we plan to launch in Sweden mid-September through pharmacies and selected restaurants, spas, and conference centers. For updated info on Good Idea retailers and webshop in the US, please visit our North American website: goodideadrinks.com

”A twist of Science” – WHAT ABOUT IT?

Good Idea is a result of research at the Antidiabetic Food Centre of Lund University in southern Sweden. Already ca. 15 years ago, scientists discovered that a specific combination of amino acids could help balance the blood sugar by reducing the blood sugar rise after a meal. Eventually, the scientists started working together with Aventure AB, a Swedish company specializing in foods with healthy and preventive properties. The aim was to develop the scientists’ knowledge into a well-tasting and actively healthy beverage. The collaboration led to a new discovery: if the amino acids were combined with just a hint of chromium, the concept worked even better.

Until today (mid-2020), nine clinical studies show a consistent reduction of the blood sugar response after a carbohydrate-rich meal by 20-30% compared to placebo.

It is important to know that all clinical studies have been made with healthy people with normal blood sugar levels. We make no claims about e.g., people with diabetes. If you have diabetes, we recommend that you consult your physician or diabetes nurse before starting to drink Good Idea.